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Repair Computer diagnostics

As vehicles have changed over the years, more and more of what's going on inside your car relies on electronics. On our end, computer diagnostics have advanced in a way that allows us to find out issues with your car with ease.


Even if you have an older vehicle, that doesn't mean you're shut out. Computer diagnostics can still be of help to you. If your check engine light is on, give us a call or bring your car to us. We'll be happy to provide an accurate, detailed analysis.

Advanced computer diagnostics

We'll find the direct problem

Computer diagnostics will allow the team at Jim and Jim's Motor Company to find out whether you have a minor issue or something that may need more work and attention.


Problems that can be solved with computer diagnostics:

Student discounts for tune-ups and scheduled maintenance


Using the Latest Equipment to Solve Your Problems

  • Fuel injection issues

  • Ignition issues

  • Air and coolant temperatures

  • Engine problems

  • Brake problems