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Transmission Engine

When your transmission breaks down, other mechanics might tell you that it's time for a new car and time to move on from your vehicle. At Jim and Jim's Motor Company, we have been fixing transmissions for over five decades.


We can provide you with complete transmission repairs and installations, along with transmission flushes, which can remove all of the oil in a transmission along with excess grime and buildup to power your transmission in new ways.

Trust your transmission

Engine overhauls and repairs

Your engine is essentially the core and heart of your vehicle. It's important to maintain your engine so you can get from point A to point B. If you have noticed any problem with your vehicle's functions, are dealing with odd smells, or notice changes in your fuel consumption, there may be an engine issue.


Maintain and take care of your engine with our help, including engine re-builds, radiator work, and more.

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Transmission and Engine Experts